Expertise built on owner-operator approach

Based on our extensive experience in managing and continually optimising large, complex portfolios of generating assets, we take a wholistic approach to our customers’ needs. Our multi-disciplinary teams have expertise in the complete range of energy technologies and asset types. We ensure that our services positively influence all aspects of plant development, operation and maintenance thus maximising our customers’ value across the entire asset life cycle.

Our Service Offerings are:

  1. Full Operator and Maintenance Services
  2. Plat Performance Optimisation and Testing
  3. Engineering and Technical Services
  4. Flexible Operations Studies and Services
  5. Advanced Condition Monitoring
  6. Advanced Performance Monitoring
  7. Fuel Optimisation Tools and Services
  8. Benchmarking and Maturity Assessment

                                OUR SOLUTIONS ARE DESIGNED TO DELIVER                                  IMPROVED PROFITABILITY AND COMPETITIVENESS